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Optimum Currency Areas
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Asian Financial Crisis of 1997
Price Ceilings: Shortages and Quality Reduction
Price ceilings result in five major unintended consequences, and in this video we cover two of them. Using the supply and demand curve, we show how price ceilings lead to a shortage of goods and to low quality goods. Prices are signals that indicate to suppliers how much is...
Forward Exchange Rates
The Soviet Union: An Experiment in Marxism Help us caption & translate this video!
The Monopoly Markup
Ever wonder why pharmaceuticals are so expensive? In this video, we show how low elasticity of demand results in monopoly markups. This is especially the case with goods that involve the “you can’t take it with you” effect (for example, people with serious medical...
Chinese Currency Manipulation
Gold Exchange Standard
Prediction Markets
We’ve discussed how prices are signals that convey information about goods — but can prices also convey information about events and even predict the future? For instance, can we predict Middle East politics based on the price of oil futures? Or predict the consequences of...
Introduction to Price Discrimination
Price discrimination is common: movie theaters charge seniors less money than they charge young adults. Computer software companies sell to businesses and students at different rates, often offering discounts to students. These price differences reflect variations in the...