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Inside the 'Tower of Basel'
A conversation with Adam LeBor, author of an investigative history about an unnoticed international bank with global heft
Power in the air
Nikola Tesla built a tower to broadcast electric power. It failed. Soon, sending power through the air might be the norm Subscribe NOW to The Economist: Get more The Economist Follow us: Like us: https://www.facebook....
How to stop invasive underwater species
When creatures from the Red Sea stray into Mediterranean waters, the results can be lethal. Red-Sea pufferfish colonising the eastern Mediterranean are so poisonous they kill about one in ten people who unwittingly eat them. Summer swarms of a stinging Red-Sea jellyfish,...
Why pigs are so important to China
Of all the meat options, pork reigns king in China. To keep up with demand, China now rears (and eats) nearly 500 million pigs a year—more than half of all the swine in the whole world. However, the significance of pork goes deeper than culinary tastes. They have been at...
Robotic football: Messi v the Machines
A look at the RoboCup in Brazil, where robots show their football skills and push the boundaries of artificial intelligence. For more video content from The Economist visit our website:
South Korea is under threat from its ageing population
Despite its impressive economic rise, South Korea is now facing a threat from within: a population that is ageing faster than in any other rich nation
Better lighting with quantum dots. A brilliant solution
Seth Coe-Sullivan, head of QD Vision, explains the next big innovation in lighting. It's surprisingly small Subscribe NOW to The Economist: Get more The Economist Follow us: Like us:
A Conversation with Christopher Monckton
A discussion on the science behind global warming and the problems of treaties designed to limit carbon emissions.
4 - The Great Collapse of 2009 with Mike Walker
PART 4 - The current global recession is resulting in drastic changes to financial and economic policies never before seen by our generation. How did we get into this mess and how are we going to get out of it? In his signature plain talk and no-nonsense style, Michael...
2008 Video Contest Winners
And the winners are... Here are three winning entries from the Fraser Institute's 2008 Student Video Contest. First place, high school goes to Alyssa Moore for "Save Canada's Health Care." First place, post-secondary goes to Richard Norman and Tim Mak for "Dog Days," and...