Ep. 15: GLOBALIZATION... WHO CARES? ...YOU DO | Bob Balaban
Ep. 15: GLOBALIZATION... WHO CARES? ...YOU DO | Bob Balaban CHECK US OUT: What is the global trade system? What does it mean to have a globalized economy? And is it good for us? Bob Balaban wrangles seven experts to break it all down as a troupe...
Ep. 23: THE EBOLA ECONOMY I Morgan Spurlock
Ep. 23: THE EBOLA ECONOMY I Morgan Spurlock CHECK US OUT: How do pandemics impact the global economy? A sick child. A massive outbreak in Liberia. A sudden spread to Sierra Leone and Guinea, then Senegal, then Nigeria. A nurse in Spain, a...
Arctic sea ice: climate change, oil and trade
Thinning on top: For some governments, the damaging effects of climate change on the receding ice-shelf is not all bad news Subscribe NOW to The Economist: Get more The Economist Follow us: Like us: https://www....
Econ 1.3- Comparative Advantage and Terms of Trade -ACDC Econ
Individuals and countries benefit from trade. Even though it isn't very realistic, simplified examples like this will help you understand the idea of comparative advantage. Make sure to calculate the per unit opportunity cost so you can see which country should specialize...
Competition from foreign retailers
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Episode 500: The Humble Innovation At The Heart Of The Global Economy
Our women's Planet Money T-shirt got to you thanks to an overlooked innovation that's essential to the modern global economy. The innovation: a big, metal box.
Episode 502: The Afterlife Of A T-Shirt
When used American clothes are donated to charity, they begin a second life of sorting, refitting, and lots of travel. We trace used American T-shirts to a used-clothing market in Nairobi, Kenya.
William MacAskill on Effective Altruism and Doing Good Better
How much care do you take when you make a donation to a charity? What careers make the biggest difference when it comes to helping others? William MacAskill of Oxford University and the author of Doing Good Better talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the book and...
Episode 674: We Cooked A Peacock
In the 1600s, a good spice rub was the ultimate display of wealth. People would risk their lives for a sack of cloves. On today's show, we cook a recipe from the spice trade days.