Interactive Content

Create content that engages your users! Users can answer questions, select options, and make choices. Add animations, interactive videos, audios, video games, surveys, and more. As the editor, you get the results of their interactions with your media. The Interactives also allow you to easily edit, share and reuse your creations.

Title Type
Twitter User feed Example
Add a Twitter user feed to your page. A great way to give your page a feel of freshnes and make more of your users connect with you on Twitter.FeaturesCan be added standalone or on a slide in a Course PresentationChoose...
Social Media
True/False Question Example
True/False Question is a simple and straightforward content type that can work by itself or combined into other content types such as Course Presentation. A more complex question can be created by adding an image or a video.
Quiz / Questionnaire
Timeline Example
The Timeline content type allows you to place a sequence of events in a chronological order. For each event you may add images and texts. You may also include assets from Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Google Maps and...
Summary Example
Summaries help the learner remember key information in a text, video or presentation, by actively buliding a summary about the topic at hand. When the learner has completed a summary, a complete list of key statements about...
Word Puzzle
Speak the Words Set Example
Speak the words set allows authors to combine multiple Speak the Words tasks into a set so they can be delivered together as a single piece of content, similar to Question Set. As an author, there are a few settings you can...
Audio / Language, Quiz / Questionnaire
Speak the Words Example
Create your own questions and make the user answer with their own voice.  Important note: This content type has limited browser support and currently works only on Chrome. 
Audio / Language
Single Choice Set Example
Single choice set allows content designers to create question sets with one correct answering alternative per question, in just a few seconds. The end user gets immediate feedback after submitting each answer. Features:Sound...
Quiz / Questionnaire
Quiz (Question Set) Example
Question Set is your typical quiz content type. It allows the learner to solve a sequence of various question types. You can combine many different question types like Multichoice, Drag and drop and Fill in the blanks in a...
Quiz / Questionnaire
Questionnaire Example
Gain feedback and ask open ended questions in Interactive Videos and other content types with Questionnaire. Questionnaire makes the user's answers available via xAPI. This means that website owners may store the answers in...
Quiz / Questionnaire
Personality Quiz Example
In this content type, the author defines a series of questions with alternatives, where each alternative is matched against one or more personalities. At the end of the quiz, the end user will see which personality matches...
Quiz / Questionnaire
Multiple Choice Example
Multiple Choice questions can be an effective assesment tool. The learner is given immediate performance feedback. The H5P Multiple Choice questions can have a single or multiple correct options per question. Learn how to...
Word Puzzle
Memory Game Example
Create your own memory games and test the memory of your site's users with this simple yet beautiful HTML5 game.
Photo Puzzle
Mark the Words Example
Mark the words allows content designers to create textual expressions with a defined set of correct words. The end user highlights words according to the task description and is given a score.For the editor it is super easy...
Word Puzzle
Interactive Video Example
Videos may be enriched with interactivities like explanations, extra pictures, tables, Fill in the Blank and multiple choice questions. Quiz questions support adaptivity, meaning that you can jump to another part of the...
Impressive Presentation Example
Unfold your creativity on an infinite 3D canvas. Images, text and other H5Ps can be combined to create presentations with 3D transitions between steps. This content type is experimental, creating Impressive Presentations...
Photo Display / Slideshow, Presentation
Image Slider Example
Present your images in an appealing way with ease. Authors just have to upload images and provide alternative texts for the images. The next two images are always preloaded so switching between images will usually be snappy...
Photo Display / Slideshow
Image Slider
A HTML5-based image slider allowing users to create responsive image sliders with a full-screen mode in a user-friendly way. 
Photo Display / Slideshow
Image Sequencing Example
The Image Sequencing content type challenges the learner to order a randomized set of images according to a task description. 
Photo Puzzle
Image Juxtaposition Example
You can choose between a horizontal slider and a vertical slider, set its starting position and optionally label your images.
Photo Display / Slideshow
Image Hotspots Example
Image hotspots makes it possible to create an image with interactive hotspots. When the user presses a hotspot, a popup containing a header and text or video is displayed. Using the H5P editor, you may add as many hotspots...
Photo Puzzle