Title Class Session Date City State Country discussion of Metaethics April 22, 2008 discussion of Evolution and Moral Theory June 14, 2008
Happiness and Agency in the Stoics and Aristotle June 30, 2007 Assos Turkey
Against Democracy October 18, 2017 Oslo Norway
Voter Pathologies and the Fear of Openness June 15, 2018 Berlin Germany
The Social Contract as an Institutional Framework for Entrepeneurship April 19, 2007 Oxford United Kingdom
It Is A Beautiful Theory June 5, 2016 London United Kingdom
Moral Theory and Everyday Life July 31, 1999 Cape Town South Africa
Against Democracy March 8, 2017 Sheffield United Kingdom
The Authority of Instrumental Reason May 31, 1998 Paris France
Lectures on Elements of Justice September 30, 2004 Guatemala City Guatemala
Functional Property, Real Justice November 8, 2009 Berlin Germany
The Ethics Project July 14, 2016 Estoril Portugal
Lectures on Elements of Justice September 30, 2004 Singapore Malaysia
Civic Virtue for Realists June 14, 2017 Groningen Netherlands
Lectures on A Brief History of Liberty May 31, 2008 Kfar Blum Israel
Schools, Plumbers, & Justice October 31, 2013 Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium
Respect for Everything May 31, 2010 Oslo Norway
Vigilante Justices: What Judges Should Do in Response to Unjust Law December 11, 2017 Hamburg Germany
Situations, Dispositions, and Virtues: What Empirical Psychologists Know and What Philosophical Psychologists Aren’t Telling April 30, 2007 Dunedin New Zealand
Adam Smith on Freedom February 29, 2012 Prague Czech Republic
Lectures on Elements of Justice September 30, 2004 Guatemala City Guatemala
Aristotelian Virtue Theory: After the Person-Situation Debate November 30, 2008 Leuven Belgium
Experimental Philosophy June 30, 1989 Marseille France
A Brief History of Property Rights September 9, 2011 Bucharest Romania